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Built in 1937, the Garage/Bunkhouse resides on the grounds of the Central Idaho Historical Museum in McCall and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The building was originally used by the Southern Idaho Timber Protective Association as a three-vehicle garage on the first level and dormitory-style housing for employees on the second and third floors. In 1968 the garage space was closed off and converted to office space for SITPA operations. Today, the bunkhouse is used for visitor exhibits and archival space for the Museum. The second-floor was refurbished in the spring of 2023, returning it to its original purpose, and now houses four seasonal wild land firefighters during the summer months.

Unfortunately, due to age and natural deterioration, several support logs are failing and need major restoration. Project work will include removing rotted logs and replacing them with new material and chinking- a big undertaking!

Based on an evaluation by a log structure expert, the restoration work will cost approximately $50,000. The Museum was recently awarded a $10,000 grant for this work from the Idaho Heritage Trust which requires a matching investment. Both the Museum and the City also have funding that can be applied to the work, but it is not enough to cover the total cost. Our goal is to find the funding to start and complete the job in 2025.

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